Whether you’re a high performance athlete or simply trying to lead an active lifestyle, MacDonald Island Park has everything you need to reach your health & fitness goals including a 15,000 sq. ft fitness centre, a 200 metre indoor running track, state-of-the-art high performance training centre and a modern fitness studio. 

Explore our large range of amenities, fitness classes and programs and find what works for you. Not sure where to begin? Our Certified Personal Trainers are here to help you reach your fitness goals with a training package that’s right for you. 

Explore our Fitness Amenities

Legacy Dodge Fitness CentreLegacy Dodge Fitness Centre

The Legacy Dodge Fitness Centre has everything you need to break a sweat. With over 15,000 sq ft of training space, the Fitness Centre is home to a wide variety of fitness equipment including dumbbells, benches, weight and cardio machines such as rowers, bikes, treadmills and steppers. Not a fan of the treadmill? Located above the Fitness Centre is the Indoor Running Track, 200 metres of track with four lanes dedicated to walking, jogging or running.

The Studio
The Studio

New in 2019! Introducing The Studio. This bright and modern studio offers quick and direct access to group fitness classes in a new location. Enjoy boutique-style fitness classes led by our fitness specialist that work your body and your mind in an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere.


High Performance Training Centre

The state-of-the-art High Performance Training Centre will take your fitness to the next level. Boasting the latest in power lifting equipment, this exclusive area houses multiple squat racks, an Olympic lifting platform, assault bikes, Prowler sleds, rope climbs and much more.  This space offers both group fitness classes and open gym. Learn how to use the space, optimize your workout, and get familiar with the equipment in a dynamic group setting.

Group Fitness

No matter what your goals, MIP group fitness classes will set you on the path to health and wellness. Whether you need a quick cardio boost, build some strength or a repairing recovery session — there's a class that will work for you & your schedule. Classes are convenient, as quick as 45 minutes and drop-in friendly, with no registration required, simply check in at the class location. 

Ready to shake up your fitness routine? Check out our Fitness Drop-in Calendar.

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Personal Training

Our team of certified personal trainers specialize in creating customized training plans designed to meet your needs. Learn More

Adult Programs

  • Fitness Classes

    • HPTC Teen Lifting 101 Dec 03 04:30 PM-05:45 PM Available
      Teen Lifting 101 covers all fundamentals to help you
      learn how to weightlift safely. This program focuses on
      developing proper form while executing technical barbell
      lifts such as deadlifts, back squats, front squats, and more!
      Tue Dec 03 (1 Sessions)
      04:30 PM-05:45 PM
  • Fitness Programs

    • Island Warrior Sep 24 to Dec 12 07:00 PM-08:00 PM Unavailable
      Registration Closed
      Island Warrior is designed to take you to the next level in your fitness by increasing your workout intensity and teaching you more complex movement patterns. Our Personal Trainers can modify exercises to any level!
      Tue, Thu from Sep 24 to Dec 12 (24 Sessions)
      07:00 PM-08:00 PM
    • HPTC Fall Season Open Gym Oct 02 to Dec 21 03:00 PM-09:00 PM Available
      Our HPTC Fall Season Open Gym gives you the opportunity to utilize our state of the art High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) located in Shell Place. This exclusive area houses multiple squat racks, an Olympic lifting platform, assault bikes, Prowler sleds, rope climbs and much more.

      The HPTC allows you to get the most out your training, and challenges you to try something new with our Workout of the Day. This is a great way for participants to get an effective workout, become familiar with new equipment and enjoy the growing community of lifters at the HPTC.

      HPTC Open Gym registrants receive complimentary access to Mind & Mobility class Saturdays at 12:15pm
      Wed, Fri, Sat, Mon from Oct 02 to Dec 21 (47 Sessions)
      03:00 PM-09:00 PM
    • Island Fitness Sep 23 to Dec 11 06:00 PM-07:00 PM Unavailable
      Registraton Closed
      Our Island Fitness program caters to participants who
      are new to exercise or those who want to expand their
      workout routines by using a variety of equipment and
      bodyweight exercises. Training is modified on an individual
      basis to help achieve your personal goals.
      Mon, Wed from Sep 23 to Dec 11 (22 Sessions)
      06:00 PM-07:00 PM
      Fitness Classes

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