Arts & Culture

Arts and culture are critical components of healthy, strong and vibrant communities; MacDonald Island Park is committed to contributing to the community through arts and culture initiatives designed to meet the needs of residents. Home to the Kirschner Family Community Art Gallery, MacDonald Island Park also has a collection of public art pieces located at the TOTAL Aboriginal Interpretive Trail. We encourage and promote creativity by providing opportunities to explore the arts!

Visual Arts Summer Camps are Here!

Visual Arts Summer Camps are focused on creativity & fun, giving campers a place to explore! These weeklong camps take place 8:00-5:30pm, and are open for ages 6-12. 

Visual Arts Summer Camps

Artist Opportunities

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit or teach, or if you love art and would like to be involved as a volunteer please contact a member of our Arts & Culture Team. Additionally, if you would like to be kept up to date on upcoming exhibitions, arts and culture programs and other exciting developments in the Arts and Culture department please join our mailing list.

Child & Youth Programs

  • Art Lessons - 17 & Under

    • Creative Kids Club - Beginner Artist Sep 29 to Dec 01 04:15 PM-05:15 PM Unavailable
      Ages 6-9
      Let your artistic side blossom! This class is for kids who are just starting as artists. Young artists will learn basic skills, develop their passion, have fun and meet some new friends.
      Thu from Sep 29 to Dec 01 (10 Sessions)
      04:15 PM-05:15 PM
      Frosty Fox
    • Creative Kids Club - Developing Artist Sep 29 to Dec 01 05:45 PM-06:45 PM Available
      Ages 9-12
      If you're an artist and want to continue to grow and develop, this is the class for you! Artists will further develop their creative passion and reach new goals by expanding on the basic techniques and mediums already learned and exploring new ones.
      Thu from Sep 29 to Dec 01 (10 Sessions)
      05:45 PM-06:45 PM
      Frosty Fox
    • Creative Kids Club -Silly Noodles Oct 04 to Dec 06 03:45 PM-04:30 PM Unavailable
      Let your creativity shine! This fun, creative class will allow littles to explore and fuel their creative journey. They will experiment with different materials and art tools to discover the fun and beauty of art.

      Tue from Oct 04 to Dec 06 (10 Sessions)
      03:45 PM-04:30 PM
      Frosty Fox
    • Creative Kids Club - Roblox© Oct 04 to Dec 06 05:00 PM-06:00 PM Available
      This 10 week session is inspired by Roblox©! Each week kids will explore and immerse themselves in art using a variety of mediums and techniques. This class is for artists and creatives of any experience!
      Tue from Oct 04 to Dec 06 (10 Sessions)
      05:00 PM-06:00 PM
      Frosty Fox
    • Creative Tween Club Oct 05 to Dec 07 05:30 PM-06:45 PM Available
      This is an opportunity for youth artists to level up their skills. Join our professional artist to try new mediums and further grow and develop as an artist.
      Wed from Oct 05 to Dec 07 (10 Sessions)
      05:30 PM-06:45 PM
      Frosty Fox

Adult Programs